Great support for lone travellers and groups. Venice Hosokawaya Hotel

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@Hotel Rules
@Make sure you read the following before making reservations.

Please be sure to cancel your reservations as soon as possible. There is a cancelation fee unless you cancel two days or more in advance. Click here to see the details about cancellation.

Non-married couples cannot stay in the same room. You will have to stay in seperate singles or the dormitory. The reason is partly due to the local religion but mainly because this is Egyptian law. Please understand this. The dormitories are seperated by sexes.

Drugs are strictly prohibited. If you are found with or using drugs we will report you to the police. Please understand that we would like to create a good atmosphere for all of our customers.

Alcohol is not allowed instead the hotel. Please understand.

Smoking is only permitted in the reception or the balcony.
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